Reexamination Of Japanese “Southern” Experience

from The 1920s To 1950s



鳥海 早喜   TORIUMI Saki


1984年、三重県生まれ。日本大学芸術学部写真学科准教授。芸術学博士。専門は写真史・写真表現研究。近年は特に金丸重嶺の研究を行っている。主要論文に「金丸重嶺研究−新興写真時代の活動と初期写真教育を中心に−」(2014)、「日本写真史における写真歴史展覧会の開催意義に関する研究−「写真100年展−日本人による写真表現の歴史展」を中心にして−」(2011)など。企画展覧会として「金丸重嶺vs名取洋之助―オリンピック写真合戦 1936」(2018共同企画)、「写真家金丸重嶺 新興写真の時代 1926-1945」(2017)などがある。




Short Biography

TORIUMI Saki (Ph.D. in Arts) was born in 1984 in Mie Prefecture. Associate Professor at the Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art.  TORIUMI specializes in the history of photography and the study of photographic expression. In recent years, she has been studying KANAMARU Shigene  in particular. Her major publications include ” Research on Shigene KANAMARU – Centered on the Age of Modern Photography and early education of photography” (2014) and ” A study on the significance of photographic history exhibition as for history of Japanese photography – Focusing on the photo exhibition ‘One Hundred Years of Photography – The History of Photographic Expression in Japan’” (2011). Her exhibitions include ” KANAMARU Shigene vs. NATORI Yonosuke : Olympic Photo Battle 1936″ (2018 joint project) and ” KANAMARU Shigene, the Photographer: the Age of Modern Photography, 1926-1945″ (2017).

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Research Area

TORIUMI joined this project from the international symposium in the summer of 2018. She will identify the photographers who were used to promote the national policy on the “South” and investigate their tendencies, and examine how the “South” experience influenced the postwar activities of the photographers. She will mainly investigate the photographic materials of the South that were published in magazines such as ‘Asahi Graph’. She is also in charge of photographing materials during the field research.

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