Reexamination Of Japanese “Southern” Experience

from The 1920s To 1950s



金山 泰志 KANAYAMA Yasuyuki





Short Biography

KANAYAMA Yasuyuki(PhD in Literature) was born in 1984 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Full-time lecturer at the Department of Humanities, Faculty of Letters, Doho University. KANAYAMA specializes in modern and contemporary Japanese history. Since his graduate school days, he has been conducting research on “the view of China (feelings toward China) in modern Japan. In recent years, he has also conducted research on NAKAMURA Yaroku. His major publications include “The People’s View of China in Meiji Era Japan” (Fuyo Shobo, 2014), “Japan’s View of China as Seen in ‘Shonen Club’ in the 1930s” (Journal of Media History, No. 45, March 2019), and “Japan’s View of China as Seen in the Reception of Films in the Taisho Era: Using Film Magazines as Materials -(Historia, No. 251, August 2015).

Research Area

Based on his academic knowledge of modern Japan’s foreign relations and the Japanese view of the world, KANAYAMA provides advice to researchers on research methods and historical documents, and examines the expansion of Japan’s colonial power to the south, starting from Taiwan.

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