Reexamination Of Japanese “Southern” Experience

from The 1920s To 1950s



石川徳幸   ISHIKAWA Noriyuki  


1981年、埼玉県生まれ。日本大学法学部新聞学科准教授。博士(政治学)。専門は日本ジャーナリズム史、日本近現代史。戦前日本における国粋主義の思想とジャーナリズムの研究を行うとともに、近年は戦後日本におけるジャーナリズム規範史に関わる研究を行っている。主要業績として、『日露開戦過程におけるメディア言説』(櫻門書房、2012年)、「史料としての新聞」(『メディア史研究』39号、2016年)、「デジタル時代の新聞産業とジャーナリズム 」(『情報の科学と技術』、2018年)、「戦前期日本の「南洋」認識とメディア言説」(『政経研究』56巻2号、2019年)などがある。




Short Biography

ISHIKAWA Noriyuki (PhD in Political Science) was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1981. Associate Professor, Department of Journalism College of Law at Nihon University. ISHIKAWA specializes in the history of Japanese journalism and modern Japanese history. He has conducted research on the ideology of nationalism and journalism in prewar Japan, and in recent years he has been conducting research on the history of journalistic norms in postwar Japan. His major publications include “Media Discourse in the Russo-Japanese War Opening Process” (Omon Shobo, 2012), ” Historical Materials Studies of the Newspaper : Preparatory Research for Constructing the Systematic Knowledge about Media Historical Materials ” (Journal of Media History, No. 39, 2016), ” Japanese newspaper industry and journalism in the digital age ” (Journal of Information Science and Technology, 2018), and ” A Study of the Media discourse about What Japanese Regarded as the “South Seas” in Pre-WWⅡ Japan (Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 56, No. 2, 2019).

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Research Area

In this project, ISHIKAWA will clarify the Japanese language newspapers published in Java, Indonesia from the 1920s to the 1940s and the activities of the newspapermen who were responsible for their publication. In addition, through the analysis of the contents of Japanese newspapers published in the south and those in the Japanese interior, he will clarify the changes in Japanese people’s view of the South Seas at that time.

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