Reexamination Of Japanese “Southern” Experience

from The 1920s To 1950s



伊藤 雅俊  ITO Masatoshi





Short Biography

ITO Masatoshi (Ph.D. in International Relations) was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1983.  ITO is Assistant Professor at the College of International Relations, Nihon University. He specializes in Area Studies (South East Asia). His research interests include the ethnicity of Japanese Indonesians, and the life world and cross-cultural adaptation of Muslim Indonesians living in Japan. ITO’s major publications include “An Ethnography of the Japanese Indonesians―Weaved Japanese Consciousness―(Shumpusya,2022), and “Japanese Diasporas: Unsung Pasts, Conflicting Presents, and Uncertain Futures” (2008), co-translated by Shinsensha. His articles include “First Generation Japanese Indonesians Who Became an Orang Jepang―A Case Study of North Sumatra, Sumatra Island―” (International Cultural Expression Studies, No,17, 2021) and “The Practices of Indonesian Muslims in Japan―We Only Eat the Food Which We Can Eat―” (Journal of Popular Culture Association of Japan, No.27, 2020).

Research Area

ITO joined this project in April 2020. The project aims to understand how Issei Indonesians of Japanese descent, whose roots are in former Japanese soldiers, lived in a foreign land in the 1940s and 1950s (World War II, Indonesian War of Independence, and post-independence). ITO examines the Issei’s experiences in the 1940s and 1950s (World War II and post-independence), including their enlistment in the Indonesian military, conversion to Christianity, occupation, marriage to local women, formation of Japanese associations, and interactions with other Issei and local people.

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